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Guinness World Records in Jaipur

Jaipur is amazing!  You know that.  What about Guinness World Records in Jaipur?  Do you know that there are several Guinness world records being held in Jaipur and for some of them you can still come and see it yourself?

World’s largest reinforced concrete cement flat roof span

In the Govind Devji´s Temple, the Satsang Hall has a single span of 36.27m (119 ft) reinforced concrete cement flat roof.  It was built in 2009 and was opened to the public on 23 Jul 2009.  As at 2015, it’s still the largest.

See the Guinness World Record here

World’s longest sewing needle

The 8 ft 1 in(2.46m) long, 3-inch tip and 2-inch tapestry eye sewing needle made by Rajbala Choudhary, Alok Sharma, Praveen Jakhar and Nishant Choudhary was displayed and measured at Triton Mall, Chomu Puliya, Jaipur on 26 Dec 2009.  They had successfully made 15 stitches on two pieces of black fabric.

You can see the picture of the needle in Indiabookofrecords’ web site.


World’s largest pocket knife

I know you may not agree that a 6.02m (19ft 9in) long knife count as a pocket knife, but here you go.  Designed and made by Garima Foundation and Pankaj Ojha, the 2.56m (8 ft 1 in) long steel blade was shown when open, at the Pink Square Mall, Jaipur on 21 Dec 2010.